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To Poke or not to Poke

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

When talking about acupuncture, I often hear people say they don't like needles. Well, who does? The thing about acupuncture "needles" is that they aren't anything like the needles you have experienced in a western medical office (or a dental office). Acupuncture needles are about the size of three pieces of hair -- REALLY -- and when inserted in a "non-point" you don't feel it at all. When inserted in a point, the Qi (pronounced chi) in the point reacts to the needle. You then feel the Qi move which could be a dull ache, sharp prick or electrical feeling. That sensation lasts only a couple seconds. I often say it's a shame we call these things needles, I think they should be called filaments or wire.

The best thing about acupuncture needles are they stimulate your own body, mind and spirit (BMS) to heal itself. The points are already there in your body, I don't create them. I just remind them what they can do for you. Your BMS knows what to do! The needles are not hollow, they don't put anything into you, no drugs or supplements. The Qi is electrical, magnetic energy, just like light. Pretty amazing to think that light runs through your body in pathways called channels or meridians. The stainless steel, single use, pre-sterilized and disposable needle conducts that energy.

The channels, or meridians are a circulatory system like your vascular system. They move Qi throughout your BMS to each organ and connect with each other. As long as that Qi flows smoothly you will be healthy. What happens is that trauma, (emotional or physical), exposure to external forces such as wind, heat, cold, damp, bacteria or viruses can interrupt the smooth flow of Qi. It can be blocked, move too slow, move too fast, be cold, or hot or damp, etc. When the needles conduct that energy it helps the Qi to either speed up, slow down, unblock, warm up, cool down, etc., thus restoring the smooth flow. Once flowing smoothly, your BMS knows what to do.

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